About LawnLab Lawn Care Services

LawnLab’s top management and key employees are highly trained professionals with years of experience in lawn care product selection and application management. Each lawn care specialist completes intensive customer service training and also regularly attends educational seminars to obtain the most current information about local lawn care issues and treatments. 

Why Choose Us? Simple, We're Proven Lawn Care Professionals.

LawnLab® has developed a unique lawn-care process which starts with only using premier products. These same products are used by groundskeepers across the country that are responsible for the turf maintenance of elite country clubs, golf courses and professional sports teams. These superior products were used to create two results-oriented lawn-care packages for customers to choose from. LawnLab® also takes the time to develop a personalized program for each customer that addresses the unique needs of their property and optimizes the quality of their lawn all year round.

LawnLab® relies on top-notch service and word-of-mouth from satisfied customers for continued growth.  LawnLab® leaves the neighbors “Green with Envy”.

Contacting LawnLab is Your First Step To Beautiful, Healthy Lawn.

We're located in Forney TX, and our extensive range of lawn care services are available throughout Garland TX, Wylie TX, Sachse TX , Murphy TX, Mesquite TX, Rockwall TX. Feel free to call us at 972-287-7400 or contact us with any questions you may have about our lawn treatments & fertilization, tree and shrub care, chinch bug & grub control, lawn aerating and more.