Tree & Shrub Care

LawnLab applies the same practice to your trees, shrubs, and ground covers as we do our lawn treatment programs. Our tree and shrub care is available throughout Dallas, Mesquite, Forney, and Rockwall TX.

Whether it's deep root feeding or an extra measure of nutrients, an analysis of your yard will provide us the information necessary to create the exact balance of nutrients your shrubs, trees and other landscape design elements require to flourish.

If your trees and shrubs aren't fulfilling their landscaping purpose call Us Today or Click Here to schedule your complimentary analysis now!

Our Professional Tree and Shrub Treatment Program Includes:

Spring Deep Root Fertilization: Promotes richer color and growth and helps plants recover from winter dormancy.  This treatment contributes to the health and life of the landscape.

Spring Foliage Protection:   Insect and disease control reduces the disease impact and the early season pest damage for the trees and shrubs. It targets insects such as cankerworms, aphids, white flies, webworms, powdery mildew and other typical funguses that incur here in Dallas, Forney, Mesquite, Rockwall and other North Texas areas.

Maturing Foliage Protection: Insect and disease control treatments are most effective in the later stages of spring-time where insect and disease infestation is prevalent. Helps with maturing foliage of trees and shrubs and become firmly established before the heat stress of summer. Additional target pest include tent caterpillars, spider mites and elm leaf beetles.

Warm Weather Foliage Protection: Insect and disease control. This is ongoing pest controls for insects that mature during the hottest part of the summer. There is also ongoing disease controls, as needed, dictated by the weather conditions.

Later Summer Foliage Protection: Insect and disease control that helps the trees and shrubs recover from any infestations of the hot summer and this prepares and protects the trees and shrubs from any fall-feeding insects. Inspection and treatment for any existing or forecasted plant diseases.

Fall Dormant Oil Protection: We apply a foliar application of horticulture oil to your trees and shrubs while plants are dormant, this will prevent spring infestations over the winter. This application is very beneficial in controlling scale.

Tree and Shrub Care is the Perfect Compliment to our Other Lawn Care Services

LawnLab offers a complete range of services for Dallas TX, Mesquite TX, Rockwall TX, Forney TX, and surrounding areas, such as Lawn Care, Lawn Disease Treatments / Lawn Spray, Grub - Chinch Bug Treatments, Aerating, and Fire Ant Prevention.

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