Grub / Chinch Bug Elimination & Prevention

Grubs: It's a Process of Elimination

Grub damage is by far the most common type of damage sustained by turf grass throughout Dallas, Forney, Mesquite, and Rockwall. In addition to killing your lawn, plants, and shrubs the presence of grubs tends to attract all kinds of animals and other unwanted pests. Controlling grubs is a never ending task and should not be taken lightly. LawnLab utilizes a specifically designed grub treatment schedule combined with high quality products to get and keep grubs under control. Not only do we want to eliminate any existing grubs, but our program interrupts the development cycle and prevents grubs from re-establishing.

Chinch Bugs: A Difficult Enemy

Although chinch bugs are occasionally reported to have infested zoysia, Bermuda and centipede, they are definitely most common in St. Augustine grass in areas such as Dallas, Rockwall, Forney and Mesquite. Chinch bugs literally suck the life out of your grass leaving expanding, irregular patches of dead, yellowing, and stunted grass. Left unchecked and uncontrolled chinch bugs can completely devastate a lawn in a matter of days! Inspecting for, and identifying chinch bugs often requires the eye of a trained lawn care professional.

Grubs and Chinch Bugs Can Cause Costly Damage, Don't Hesitate To Take Action!

Think you might have a grub problem or want to make sure you never do? Is your lawn possibly being attacked by chinh bugs? Call LawnLab Today or Click Here to schedule your complimentary analysis now!