A Fire Ant Free Zone Starts With Treatment From LawnLab


In North Texas areas such as Dallas, Rockwall, Mesquite and Forney, fire ants are annually the #1 targeted lawn pests which homeowner’s battle. Left untreated, fire ants can make your lawn and landscaped areas unsafe for children and pets, as they attack with a painful venemous sting if disturbed.

We're experts at Fire Ant Elimination and Prevention

For the most effective fire ant prevention possible, LawnLab uses a specially formulated product called Bayer Top Choice. With one broadcast application over your entire property, one can be protected from fire ants for the entire season. If fire ants reappear within the season, we will return at no charge to eliminate any new colonies, and take extra measures to prevent any additional occurences. Our fire ant treatment normally takes 2-3 weeks to activate in the soil upon being watered in.

It's Easy To Get Started with Fire Ant Prevention and Elimination

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