Lawn Disease Treatments - Prevention and Elimination

At times, even the most maintained lawn needs extra care when something unforeseen happens. LawnLab offers additional services including lawn disease treatments, designed to remedy lawn problems that could affect your turf. This includes most common diseases we see in North Texas such as Helminthosporium, Grey Leaf Spot and Brown Patch.

Expert Lawn Disease Service for Dallas, Rockwall, Mesquite, Forney and surrounding North Texas areas.

Each scheduled visit, our technicians will be looking for beginning stages of lawn disease development and will bring their findings to the customers’ attention. On rare occasions, some lawn diseases can typically run their course without having additional treatments, however, the majority that are more serious will require treatment to avoid possible turf loss.

In most situations, lawn disease is caused by a group of fungi that is active during the Fall, Winter and Spring months and can be caused by excessive moisture.

Do You Need Lawn Disease Treatment Service?

Symptoms and signs can often vary depending on the type of disease attacking your lawn. We highly encourage you to consult one of our lawn disease treatment experts by calling 972-287.7400 if you see any "dead spots" or "areas of discoloration" occurring in your lawn.

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