Our Lawn Care Services

LawnLab offers a complete range of lawn care services for Garland, Wylie, Sachse, Murphy, Mesquite, Rockwall, Forney, and all surrounding areas. Please click any link below to view details.

Lawn Care Programs

Lush, Healthy, Perfect- This is how our customers describe their lawn after choosing one of our custom lawn treatment programs. LawnLab's programs are not the typical "throw and go" approach used by so many national lawn care services providers. We understand that your lawn is unique...

Tree & Shrub Care

Introduce Your Lawn with 5 Star Shrubs - Ground cover, trees, and shrubs introduce your yard with color, fragrance, and texture. LawnLab's custom treatment programs for trees and shrubs ensure that they receive all the vital nutrients they need to bloom brilliant colors, emit entrancing fragrances,and create memorable first impressions...

Grub / Chinch Bug Elimination & Prevention

It's a Process of Elimination - Grub damage is by far the most common type of damage sustained by turf grass.In addition to killing your lawn, plants, and shrubs the presence of grubs attract all kinds of animals and other unwanted pests

A Fire Ant Free Zone Starts With Treatment From LawnLab

Terminate the Invasion - Among the worst insect pests ever to invade the U.S.!They vigorously defend their nests, attack in large numbers and sting repeatedly. For the very old, young, and a small percentage of the population who are allergic to the venom, fire ant stings can be fatal. The threat of being stung by fire ants has...

Core Aeration

In North Texas, it’s a given with the hard clay soils we have, one is going to incur soil compaction sometime throughout the season. With the process of removing core plugs below the turf, a lawn will soon benefit in many ways as indicated below.

Lawn Disease Treatments - Prevention and Elimination

At times, even the most maintained lawn needs extra care when something unforeseen happens. LawnLab offers additional services designed to remedy lawn problems that could affect your turf.