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Commercial Lawn Care

The landscaping at your commercial property, including office parks, housing complexes, and sports fields, reflects greatly on your business. Putting your best foot forward with a well-manicured and healthy landscape will make a solid first impression.

LawnLab can help with all your commercial landscape maintenance needs through our extensive array of professional services.

Professional commercial landscaping services

Commercial Lawn Service

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Liquid Aeration

Soil compaction and thick thatch can make any lawn struggle. Look for the warning signs of compaction and excessive thatch:

  • Water pooling
  • Uneven or bumpy surface
  • Visible “lanes” where people walk across the grass
  • The lawn is too hard to sit on comfortably

With liquid aeration, we don’t use a machine to punch holes in your lawn. Instead, a technician sprays a specialized liquid over the entire lawn. It contains food to get microbes in the soil active, plus enzymes and bacteria to help with breaking down thatch. It’s a gentle approach to aeration.

Ryegrass Seeding

When the weather turns cool, your commercial property can still have a green, attractive lawn. LawnLab offers ryegrass seeding, which comes with manysolid advantages:

  • Fast germination time and quick growth
  • Thrives in some shade, which is perfect in the colder months
  • Does well in different soil types

Ryegrass is a perennial, so it will return each year when the weather cools off. It does exceptionally well in that weather, so you’ll always have a beautiful lawn at your place of business.

Targeted Lawn Treatments

Even the healthiest of lawns can fall victim to serious problems. While fertilization and proper watering help, we offer targeted lawn treatments to address these issues.

We treat the following common issues:

  • Chinch bugs
  • Armyworms
  • Lawn diseases
  • Insect infestations

Any of these can severely affect the health of your lawn if left unchecked. You’ll find our targeted lawn treatments are effective, providing tangible results.

Grub Control

These pests will absolutely attack the grassroots, leaving your lawn looking ravaged as the problem spreads. Animals like birds or armadillos might tear up your lawn in search of grubs, causing further damage.

We can prevent grub infestations and tackle an existing problem, restoring your lawn to good health.

Flea & Tick Control

Your customers, employees, and clients don’t want to fall victim to fleas and ticks just from visiting your property.

We can eliminate these small but vexing problems through professional control methods.

Fire Ant Control

Not only do fire ants leave unsightly piles of dirt on your property, but they also pose a danger to anyone who visits. While a fire ant’s sting is painful, some people have a severe reaction to the alkaloid venom, making them a health threat.

Our professional fire ant control methods involve spray and/or baits, and they get results.

Tree & Shrub Care

Not only does the lawn at your commercial property reflect on your business, so do the trees and shrubs. We can manage everything about these valuable plants, including pruning and treating for diseases and insect infestations.

Contact LawnLab today to transform the look of your commercial property.