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Liquid Aeration

You’ve probably heard of lawn plug aeration before but are more familiar with core aeration. That’s when a machine pulls plugs of grass and soil out of the ground, scattering them all over the lawn.

At LawnLab we offer liquid yard aeration, which is a different approach that provides the same benefits but without the drawbacks.

Aeration for a healthy lawn


Does Your Lawn Need Aeration?

If you’re wondering whether aeration is necessary for your lawn, look for these signs:
  • Water pools on your lawn when you water or it rains
  • Your lawn feels uneven
  • You can see traffic “lanes” in the grass where people walk more frequently
  • The grass feels hard and uncomfortable to sit or play on
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Aeration Helps With Growth

On top of that, thatch can develop at the soil’s surface. That blocks water and nutrients, starving your grass.
What aeration does is softens the soil, allowing the roots to penetrate deeper into the ground. It also opens the thatch and gives water a pathway to flow deeper, instead of it pooling on or near the surface. In addition, aeration allows nutrients to get down into the soil more efficiently, which also promotes a healthier lawn.

Liquid Aeration Explained

Instead of using a machine to punch holes into the grass and ground, liquid aeration involves spraying a special liquid over the lawn. It contains food that gets microbial active in the soil as it soaks in, plus enzymes or bacteria that will break down thatch. We have a special formula that’s gentle on your lawn but has proven to be effective with the soil in this area.

Benefits of Liquid Aeration

There are some serious issues with core aeration:

  • It damages the lawn’s root system as you pull out plugs of soil
  • The process will bring weed seeds to the surface, giving you a new problem to battle

As an alternative, liquid aeration has some serious benefits:

  • It can loosen the soil even deeper, encouraging the roots to grow deeper into the ground
  • It doesn’t disturb dormant weed seeds
  • The grass roots stay completely intact

We can apply liquid aeration expertly at the right times. Contact LawnLab today and set up an appointment.