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Targeted Lawn Treatments

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn, but the reality is your grass could be struggling against any number of factors. While putting down a good fertilizer can certainly help with the overall health of your lawn, you might find that targeted treatments are also necessary.

At LawnLab, we can address many pest control challenges to the health of your grass. With our help, you can bring out the full beauty of any lawn. Just imagine sitting in your yard, enjoying full and vibrantly green grass.

We will diagnose and treat your grass with the latest in lawn service and bug control advancements

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Chinch Bugs

This pest is only about a fifth of an inch in length, so seeing them in your lawn can be difficult. The symptoms of chinch bugs are much easier to spot. Sections of your lawn look parched, no matter how much you water. That’s because these creatures suck the moisture out of the grass, then inject a poison for good measure.
If you see small insects that are yellow or red on your grass, those are likely chinch bugs. Usually, they're incredibly difficult to spot, but without professional help, you can properly identify them. Our bug control treatments kill chinch bugs so they no longer dine on your lawn.

Lawn Disease

Lawn Insects

Any number of insects could be living in your lawn. That might present quite a few problems:

  • These insects could attack you, your loved ones, and pets
  • Insects in your lawn might invade your home
  • Insects can do serious damage to the grass blades and roots.

You don’t have to live with an insect infestation in your lawn. We can apply targeted lawn insect control treatments that will kill off the pests, leaving you with healthy grass to enjoy.


Weeds in lawns aren’t just unsightly, they can present a serious challenge to the health of your grass. Pulling them often isn’t effective, and many weed killers will hurt your lawn as well. We can apply a special kind of Roundup that will kill weeds to the roots, without negatively affecting the grass. It’s a great way to enjoy a healthy lawn without any weeds invading.

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