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As the owner of LawnLab, I too am a customer. My yard serves as testament to our services and I'm proud to present it here it as proof of our performance. Let LawnLab help keep your yard looking great for years to come. Get a free quote today!

Lamar Carter

N Kaufman St., Seagoville, TX

LawnLab has done WONDERS with our large lawn. John, our tech, took personal pride in eliminating a pesky weed problem caused by surrounding fields. Our lawn now is golf course green, weed free and FLAWLESS. John also spotted a disease that had entered our yard and took action to eliminate it. It's simple piece of mind knowing our yard that we spend so much time in, is well taken care of. I couldn't be happier each time I see it! I highly recommend their services!


Street Address, Talty, TX

We started using LawnLab several years ago. My husband and I were driving through a neighborhood looking at a few yards that had no weeds. We got LawnLab's name off of one of the signs in the yard and called. Mark came out and gave us a very reasonable quote and told us it would take through the summer for our yard to show signs of improvement. Our yard had only had a few treatments and was showing a huge amount of improvement. We had several people ask us what we were putting on our yard to make it so green. Having LawnLab has been a huge time saver for us and not much more in cost than what it would be if we purchased the product ourselves. Mark is very nice and is eager to address any concerns we may have.


Street Address, Forney, TX

I have used LawnLab for several years and love the service. I get lots of compliments on my lawn. I lead a busy life and it would be difficult for me to know when to fertilize, or put out pre-emergent. Basically, they make it where all I have to do is mow.


Street Address, Forney, TX