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Forney, TX

The Best Lawn Care Services in Forney, Texas

Locally owned and located in Forney, Texas, LawnLab knows the local area, climate, and the different types of turf that grow in our region. Our superior customer service and dedication to lawn care have allowed us to surpass the local competition and provide you with a variety of services to help you maintain and keep a healthy, vibrant lawn. If you are a resident or business in Forney, we have an array of services that can benefit you.

Make a Good Impression With Commercial Lawn Care

Like it or not, your business's landscaping says a lot about your company. In order to make a good impression on your customers or clients, it's important to maintain a well-manicured lawn and a healthy, attractive landscape. LawnLab can help with all your commercial service needs. Our highly effective lawn care program includes fertilization, weed, insect, and disease control to help keep your turf a healthy, lush, vibrant green. Our other menu of commercial lawn care services includes:

  • Liquid aeration
  • Grub control
  • Flea and tick control
  • Fire ant control
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Chinch bug treatments
  • Armyworm treatments
  • Impress your clientele now and request a free quote today on our commercial lawn care service.

    Prevent Lawn Fatigue With Liquid Aeration

    Sometimes landscapes require more than just routine maintenance and fertilization. Lawn insects, disease, climate stressors, and everyday foot traffic can take their toll. That’s why Lawn Lab offers a variety of other lawn care services. One of those services is liquid aeration. Liquid aeration is the process of utilizing a liquid spray on your lawn that contains ingredients to help break down the dense particles in your soil. Doing this allows water, air, and nutrients to flow easier reaching deep down into your roots and promoting a healthier lawn.

    Why is this important? Over time, the soil under your lawn can become compacted and hardened. When this occurs, water can pool on top, and your grass can begin to grow unevenly, feel spongy, and start to wither and thin out. You can prevent this and give your lawn the bounce back it needs through annual lawn aeration. Find out how and schedule your appointment today.

    Grub Control for the Prevention and Treatment of Grubs

    While we are blessed with a bit warmer weather here in Texas, our yards also fall victim to a variety of different lawn insects. One such lawn insect that can wreak havoc on your turf is the turf-eating grub. These “C” shaped creatures live below your lawn’s surface and feast on your grassroots, causing mass destruction to your grass. Small amounts of grubs won’t cause too much damage to an otherwise healthy lawn, but a large infestation can create brown patches, thin, weakened grass, and spongy, loose turf. The best course of action when combatting grubs is prevention. Our team of experts can inspect your lawn and formulate a plan based on your individual needs. We offer grub control that encompasses both prevention and treatment of grubs. Don’t wait for these vicious insects to take over, contact LawnLab and start protecting your yard today.

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    Protect Yourself and Lawn From Fire Ants With Fire Ant Control

    Not to be confused with regular ants, these insects are small but pack a fierce punch! Fire ants are not only detrimental to your lawn but have a painful sting that leaves a burning sensation. Unfortunately, these vicious insects are prevalent here in Texas and can invade your lawn at a moment's notice, often arriving by way of a tree or plant brought in from a nursery. Once in your yard, they burrow underground, feed on the roots of your grass, and build large mounds of dirt throughout. An infestation of fire ants can often make your yard look like a video clip from a war zone. Thankfully, LawnLab has you covered. Our fire ant control will kill the fire ants on your property with continued applications to keep them from coming back. Controlling fire ants can be quite challenging and often requires continued treatments and lots of patience. Save time and frustration and hire the LawnLab professionals.

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    Keep Your Yard and Home Flea and Tick Free

    Fire ants are bad enough but dealing with dangerous disease-carrying fleas and ticks should not be on your agenda. Fleas love to bother your beloved pets, often causing annoying allergic reactions and irritation. Once they get into the home, they multiply quickly, making them difficult to control and eradicate. Ticks can cause painful bites and spread serious diseases such as Zika and West Nile. Keep your yard and home flea and tick-free with LawnLab's flea and tick control.

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