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Murphy, TX

Plenty of people have been discovering the benefits of living in Murphy, Texas.

It's a quiet community, perfect for raising a family or just getting away from the hustle of the city. At Lawn Lab, we're eager to help make your yard a place you love spending time with family, friends, and neighbors.
At the same time, Murphy has so many great things to do, getting away from home has its advantages when you need a change of scenery. Check out the following things for ideas of what you can do with some of your free time, especially since Lawn Lab makes caring for your yard so much easier.

Southfork Ranch

Made famous by the old TV series Dallas!, Southfork Ranch is a meeting place and special events venue you've got to check out at least once. It contains 63,000 square feet of indoor space, making it perfect for groups of all sizes. It has a classic feel, complete with tree-lined driveways and large, fenced-in grassy openings.

People use Southfork Ranch for their wedding, reunions, holiday gatherings, company picnics, even concerts. In fact, every year it plays host to a music festival, where you can also enjoy food, exhibitions, arts, crafts, and more. If you just want to see what all the fuss is about, catered tours are available.


You need a little bit of a sense of humor to have some fun, and ShangriLlama is a great way to show it. This animal adventure company proudly calls Murphy home. People of all ages can come to meet the llamas and engage in three unique activities:

  • Llama walks
  • Llama lessons
  • Private events

Because space for these events is limited, you must reserve your spot in advance. It’s a pretty fun time getting up close and personal with animals most people never get near. To help you take some good memories along, the onsite gift shop is stocked full of more llama products than you probably thought possible.

Mustang Park

While your yard can be beautiful, a city park adds a nice change of pace, plus Mustang Park is a great location for group meetings you just can’t have at your house. It’s situated next to Boggess Elementary School and is well-maintained. That means you can take the whole family to play, have a picnic, or whatever else without any worries. The pavilion can be reserved, so if you need to gather for any kind of function, that’s a definite option. Two playgrounds cater to older and younger kids, while a walking trail and a large open area are great for other forms of exercise.

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