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Lawn Care

Lawn Care Programs

LawnLab’s programs are not the typical throw and go approach used by so many national lawn care companies. We understand that your lawn is unique and has one-of-a-kind needs and necessities. We're also experts in the developing healthy lawns that stay beautiful and thrive in water and sunlight conditions in the Dallas Mesquite, Rockwall and Forney areas.

During the specifically designed schedule of treatments, we monitor your lawn to help identify and prevent any potential problems that may affect the health of your turf grass. Weed control, grass fertilization, early diagnosis of diseases, and potential problems caused by insects will be figured into the big picture and managed on each visit. Our lawn service interval is 6 weeks between each application. See lawn care programs below and call (972) 287-7400 or contact us to schedule for a free evaluation today.

Lawn care services from LawnLab

What's Included in our Lawn Care Program?

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You might not realize it, but the soil your grass grows in needs to have the right balance of nutrients. Without them, you can water and cut your lawn, but it won’t fill out and fulfill its maximum potential.

Weed Control

You might not like them, but weeds are a reality of life. There’s a lot to not like about weeds:

  • They look unsightly, ruining the uniformity and beauty of your lawn
  • Weeds compete for water, dehydrating your lawn
  • As weeds grow, they block sunlight going to the grass, harming it in that way
  • Over time, weeds will crowd out your grass in certain areas, making it thinner and weaker
  • As weeds grow, they spread seeds, making the problem even worse

That doesn’t mean you have to accept weeds in your lawn. Pulling them can be difficult and not always effective, and some sprays aren’t much better. The team at LawnLab will professionally apply weed control methods which work. You can say goodbye to battling the weed issue in your grass, and instead, enjoy relaxing in your beautiful yard.

Nothing makes your yard look better than a healthy lawn. It’s one of the first things people notice when they first see your house, so you want to make a good impression. A lush lawn and beautiful yard is where you get away to enjoy life:

  • It’s a great place to play
  • A cozy spot to sit or lay on summer evenings
  • A gathering spot place with neighbors, friends, and family
  • Natural cooling during the heat of the summer

You have plenty of reasons to make your lawn vibrant, lush, and as green as possible. At LawnLab, we strive to help you achieve this goal.

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